It’s Facebook Official!

The new logo of RSA has been appearing here and there, and you may have seen it already. But now that it’s on Facebook, we can make it official news!

RSA has been undergoing a lot of changes for the last year and a half. As a team we’ve discussed our mission, vision, values, goals, and a whole lot more! Our main priority has always been and will always remain providing our clients with exceptional design and service.

What has changed is our look. We knew RSA needed a refresh, and we wanted our new look to convey our firm’s personality. Our team developed this logo together through collaboration. It’s through collaboration that we realize our greatest potential, and thus only fitting that our logo be developed in that manner.

Architecture is only as good as the process through which a design is created. At RSA, we honor the design process, and our values of creativity, integrity, responsiveness, collaboration, loyalty, and evolution all make the process beautiful. And a beautiful process is what we want for our clients.

Be on the lookout around town for our new logo, and stay tuned for the unveiling of our new website, coming soon!