Memorial Lutheran Church – Interior Renovation

With the original building completed in 1999 (designed by RSA), the members of Memorial Lutheran Church were ready for an interior upgrade.  The goal was to provide a fresh look that connects to members of all ages.

To set the tone immediately, a welcome graphic was added to the front entrance.  A new ceiling light was placed in the main corridor intersection to add to the welcoming feel as you walk past the vestibule.  New flooring and wall finishes were completed in the vestibule, the two main corridors, nursery, classrooms, offices, multi-purpose room, and the sanctuary.

The restrooms received a complete renovation, adding in all new privacy partitions, lighting, sinks, countertops, and tile with paint.  Outside of the restrooms, new ADA-compliant water fountains were added, in addition to a water-bottle filling feature.

The kitchen received new flooring, wall paint, ceiling tiles, ceiling fans, and countertops.  The kitchen cabinets were in good condition, so to save on costs, the design team decided to keep the cabinets as is and change all the other finishes in the room.  This gave the kitchen a brand new feel while utilizing the existing cabinets and saving money.

In addition to the new flooring and wall finishes, the sanctuary received all new acoustical ceiling tiles, which reduced reverberations and aids with live video streaming; and the front office received a new desk and all new built-in storage cabinets.

In the two main corridors, LVT accent areas were added to create defined spaces for seating.  LVT was utilized so that spills from food and drinks will be easily cleanable.

The church needed to fully function during the entire renovation process.  Construction work needed to be completed around weddings, funerals, baptisms, weekly services, student testing, and other events.  In order to accomplish this phased construction process, RSA worked with the church to provide the contractor, JH Quality Construction, with a detailed phasing schedule.

Client: Memorial Lutheran Church
Location: Sioux Falls, SD
Services: Interior Design
Size: 15,420 sq. ft.