Harvest Church

RSA was selected by Harvest Church and their CM-R, Jans Corporation, to provide architectural services to help with their growing congregation’s needs. The Church was outgrowing their current space and also wanted to masterplan for their future growth.
The church needed a larger worship space to accommodate everyone at a single service, and they wanted to expand their children’s ministry offerings. One of the main goals was to provide security for the daycare while maintaining an open floor plan for Sunday church services.
In order to deliver everything the church needed in the new space and stay on budget, RSA worked with Jans to utilize design elements that would keep costs down. Some of those elements included utilizing precast walls and a caged basketball floor inside the youth hangout. RSA elevated these cost-saving solutions by adding stamped patterns and color, respectively.

Client: Harvest Church
Location: Sioux Falls, SD
Services: Planning, Architecture, Interior Design
Size: 18,680 sq. ft.