Goss Opera House

Today, the Goss Opera House is a crown jewel in downtown Watertown SD but just a few short years ago the building was in a state of disrepair at risk of being demolished. With 134 years of history within those walls, losing the building would have left an incredible void in the cultural downtown landscape.

RSA worked with the non-profit organization, Friends of the Goss, to save the opera house. The goal was not only to restore the historic building but to make it better than it has ever been before. Through careful research and clever design, the team brought light and life back to this grand place.

Throughout the 41,000 square foot space, tributes to the rich history of The Goss can be found in every detail.

Client: Goss Opera House
Location: Watertown, SD
Services: Restoration, Adaptive Reuse, Architecture, Interior Design
Size: 41,000 sq. ft.
Project Cost: $5 million