Get-n-Go is a locally owned, family-operated business with 18 locations in Sioux Falls, Parker, and Tea, South Dakota. Having been in business for over 50 years they offer friendly, helpful service and convenience to each and every customer. RSA has provided architecture and design services on new Get-n-Go stores (some listed below) as well as store upgrades and renovations throughout all 18 locations. We’ve assisted the stores in achieving the most convenient design for each location based on each individual project site.

Get-n-Go Locations: Arrowhead Parkway, 33rd & Minnesota, 41st & Sertoma, 59th & Louise, 10th & Omaha, 57th & Marion, 14th & Minnesota, 57th & Cliff

Currently in design: 57th & Sycamore

Client: Get-n-Go
Location: Sioux Falls, SD
Services: Architecture
Size: 4,600+ sq. ft.