Vervent Card (formerly Total Card, Inc.)

The new Vervent Card (formerly Total Card, Inc.) building was a design / build project between RSA and Van Buskirk Companies completed in the Lake Lorraine development located in northwest Sioux Falls.  Vervent employs several hundred customer service team members that work on rotating shifts, necessitating 24 hour building use.  Key project goals included a high level of security for both entering the building and moving throughout once inside, protection for their on-site servers, and an environment that fostered improved employee retention.  Building features include an underground parking structure for company leaders, a large generator room that protects the servers through back-up power, a server room constructed of concrete masonry which protects the servers from fire and tornadoes, and strategic glazing throughout the building to provide daylight.

Client: Vervent Card (formerly Total Card, Inc.)
Location: Sioux Falls, SD
Services: Architecture, Interior Design