In Progress – Presidio Components

RSA has been working alongside Presidio Components to develop their new four-building campus in Sioux Falls, SD.  The manufacturer of High-Rel Ceramic Capacitors is expanding it’s operations beyond California.

Each of the four buildings is roughly 18,000 square feet.  The North building will serve as the administration building with inventory and material storage areas, while the other 3 buildings serve separate manufacturing roles.  Each building has an employee breakroom with full glazing, and the buildings are all connected through 4 links that are also full glazing.  The design goal was to maximize daylight throughout the 72,000 square feet of building space, and the goal was realized by creating 4 separate buildings.  The center of the 4 buildings will feature a beautiful courtyard for employees to utilize.

Client: Presidio Components
Location: Sioux Falls, SD
Services: Planning, Architecture, Interior Design
Size:  72,000+ sq. ft.