Meet the Team: Justin Oleson

Through the month of June and into July, we’ll be introducing one of our team members every week.

This week, meet one of our Architects, Justin! Justin grew up in Watertown, received his education from North Dakota State University, and has now called Sioux Falls home over the past 13 years while he has worked with RSArchitects.

What is your favorite memory so far at RSArchitects?
I would say moving from our old office to our current location is my favorite memory! Our current location is a much better space for collaborative work, and a better representation for our team.

What is your favorite phase of the design process?
I would say design development is my favorite. Once you’ve determined what the client wants, and you start to get a good grasp on how the design starts to take shape, the results of the client’s ideas really start to flourish in plan and in 3D.

Describe RSArchitects in one word:

What is your vision of architecture & interior design 10 years from now?
I imagine we will be doing a lot more visualization within the space. Virtual and Augmented reality will become the standard by which we operate.

What is your favorite tool of the trade?
Considering we do 90% of our work on one, the easy answer is a computer!

What is your favorite thing to do outside of work?
I love to spend time with my family, and enjoy doing a little fishing for walleye all over South Dakota.

What was your latest adventure?
I would say hiking to the top of Black Elk Peak in Custer State Park with my wife and three kids is our latest adventure. I was really proud of the kids for hiking the whole way, especially the littlest one. She only needed to ride on my shoulders for a mile and a half! A quick swim in Sylvan Lake afterwards was a reward that we all enjoyed!

What is your dream vacation?
Ultimate Dream Vacation would be to visit northern Europe. Considering my ancestry has a large chunk of Swedish descent, Sweden would be a fantastic place to spend a little time.

Where is your favorite place to eat?
Every time I get back to my hometown of Watertown, a stop to Dagwood’s Subs is required. You haven’t had a sub until you’ve had one from Dagwood’s!

What is your favorite comfort food?
Favorite comfort food is probably a delicious Hot Beef Combo just like my Grandma used to make.

Where is your favorite spot in South Dakota?
I always enjoy spending time out in the Black Hills, although I don’t get there nearly enough.

Which team do you always cheer for?
Other than NDSU Bison and my son’s soccer team, I’ll always be cheering for the Twins.

What is something people might find surprising about you?
I feel more at home the farther I get from the built environment! I grew up in a family of farmers and outdoorsmen, so spending time closer to the natural environment really re-energizes me in a way that nothing else can.