Meet the Team: Amanda Gilliland

We’d like to introduce you to our newest team member, Amanda Gilliland!  Amanda joined us in August as Director of Interior Design.  We’ve been enjoying getting to know her and want you to get to know her too!

What is your favorite architectural style?

What is your favorite design quote?
“The details are not the details.  They make the design.” – Charles Earnes

What is your vision of interior design 10 years from now?
I believe interior design will continue to shift towards open spaces offering means for flexibility, conversing, working from anywhere, and continually learning of the best ways to incorporate technology in very creative ways.

What is your favorite tool of the trade?
A Paint Swatch!  It begins to set the tone for every design palette.

What is your favorite thing to do outside of work?
Spending time outdoors — it is the most relaxing to be in nature!

What was your latest adventure?
Going to the Omaha Zoo with the 4 kids for the first time!

What is the best place you’ve visited?
We have been to Hawaii once and I definitely want to travel back and explore all of the other islands as they all have something unique to offer.

Where is your favorite place to eat?

What is your favorite comfort food?
Love baked goods!  Pumpkin bread is one of my absolute favorites.

Where is your favorite place in South Dakota?
The Black Hills.  I love to be able to be outdoors and be within the beautiful scenery.

What team do you always cheer for?
SDSU Jackrabbits!

What TV show could you binge on all weekend?
Grey’s Anatomy

What is something people might find surprising about you?
Until recently, I had 4 kids aged 4 and under — the oldest just turned 5!